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Chloe Westphal

Westphal web pic
Tri-Cities, WA

Chloe has always shared her life with dogs, and has always been interested in understanding them better. A voracious learner, she is constantly adding to her knowledge and refining her skills at every opportunity. In addition to formal education, she believes that dogs themselves are our best teachers when it comes to dog behaviour, so she seizes every chance to just observe dogs being dogs and doing dog things. She even had the opportunity, when she lived in Southeast Asia, to observe dogs in their true natural habitat: as friendly scavengers roaming the streets of human civilisation.
In addition to being a Family Dog Mediator, Chloe also holds certificates in Canine Behavior Counselling and Canine Enrichment. She is passionate about helping dogs, and also about helping people. She feels that professionals have a duty of kindness toward both ends of the leash, and that families deserve all the love and support for doing the very best they can for the dogs they love. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading, writing, and long hikes with her corgi, Cordelia.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator