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Kerrie Hoar

La Crosse, WI 54601
+1 (608) 799-0260

As a CPDT-KA and IAABC-ADT, Kerrie has been certified by both of the national professional dog trainer certifying
organizations. As a Licensed Family Dog Mediator and Fear Free Certified Professional, she takes a different
approach to dog training.  Rather than concentrating solely on obedience, Kerrie focuses on helping clients
understand their dog, on building a human-canine relationship that is based on trust and on balancing human wants
with dog needs through realistic goal setting.  She specializes in helping dogs with fearful, anxious and aggressive
Kerrie has a Master of Science degree in biology and taught human anatomy and physiology at the university level
for over 20 years. She has taught group classes in puppy socialization, basic/advanced manners and reactivity.
Since launching Crimson Hound, LLC, Kerrie has been teaching dogs and their humans virtually and in clients’
homes. Kerrie is passionate about teaching people about the subtle body signals that our dogs use to communicate
and has created online courses for both dog owners and professionals. Kerrie also works as a Canine-assisted
Skills Building Wellness Coach. She helps clients build relationships with their own dogs through teaching life skills
and pattern games. Learning how to recognize and interpret their dog’s body language cues helps the client to then
read other people or animals more accurately and aids them in developing healthier relationships
With a passion for animal welfare, Kerrie has fostered dogs, driven and coordinated rescue transports and
volunteered at shelters and rescues. She offers free consultations to rescues and shelters and is a participating
trainer in the Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers.  She has four rescues of her own - an American shepherd, an
Australian shepherd, a retired greyhound and a three-legged “everything” pup.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator