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Viviane Arzoumanian

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Viviane has been training dogs and conducting behavior consultations since 2005.

She is a networker and values collaborating with other animal professionals in order to best serve her clients and colleagues.

If she doesn’t have a resource you need, she will use her ever expanding network to find it for you.

In recent years Viviane has increased her focus on the human side of dog training and behavior. She offers coaching and
guidance in an atmosphere of acceptance and safety.

Her clients include a range of other professionals needing a sounding board for finding new or tried &
true ideas for puzzling or difficult cases.

Client coaching has always been Viviane’s strength and joy.

She is focusing her coaching work to help pet parents with a range of issues that involve quality of life for humans and canines living together.

She still sees dogs and their families for the full range of needs from puppyhood to old age on a case by case basis.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator