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How Does the FDM Licensing Application Process Work?

Some Important Details- General:
LFDM licensure is open to all student applicants who have completed the L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Professional Course.
Applications are accepted twice a year, from May 1- June 1 and from January 1-February 1.
There are various requirements for the different divisions (see details in later pages for your division(s) of interest). Please make sure you qualify for a division before you apply.
Applicants may apply for one division or multiple divisions at a time. Please indicate which divisions you are currently applying for in the application.
Applications will be reviewed and applicants contacted to set up interviews with Division Heads by the end of the subsequent month after applications close (by July 1 for Summer applications and by March 1 by March 1 for Winter applications).
Approved applications will be passed on to the respective division head(s) for the division(s) applied for, to set up interviews with the applicants before finalizing licensure approval.
Some Important Details-Dues: