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Family Dog Mediation® Education Center

The L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Licensure Program- Professional Membership Level in the L.E.G.S.® Association Applications Open
May 1-June 1

What is the The L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Licensure Program?

Evolving TOGETHER – this has been the vision of the L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Professional

Course since its inception. The L.E.G.S. Initiative has sought to build a loving army of professionals, advocates, critical thinkers, creative minds, and partners who could progress the conversation of integrated canine science with meaningful efficiency in the aim of creating a new paradigm for dogs and their families living together in the modern world. Looking back over the last few years, that vision has indeed manifested into a reality -because of each and every one of our members who has made it possible!

Since the launch of the L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Course at Wolf Park in August of 2021, there have been thousands of students in more than 25 countries who have taken advantage of the unprecedented accessibility of the curriculum & acceptance in the community for all individuals – regardless of differences, experience, abilities, or limitations. Our students represent an impressive range of professional interests and specializations, and our mission is to foster their development in a collaborative environment that removes obstacles and optimizes their potential – with savings and scholarships to meet anyone’s needs. This incredible growing community has demonstrated a rare and inspiring opportunity within the dog world, one which Kim had envisioned but could not have imagined being so rapidly realized.

Kim’s invitational call to her professional and impassioned dog loving peers to join a collaborative professional conversation and fill the many unique roles required to turn the tides has been answered in spades. The picture that has emerged since the course was first offered and the education center then founded is clear. The leaders and change-makers among us are many.

We are rapidly growing, adapting, and evolving for dogs and their families- TOGETHER!

Licensing Divisions:
Support Pros
Service & Library
Benefits of Being a Licensed Member