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Why become a Licensed Family Dog Mediator?

FDM Licensure is about much more than having an additional credential and more letters after your name.
Being a Licensed FDM means contributing to and benefitting from a movement and community (comprised of smaller specialized niche communities) that is greater than any one of us alone.
Checking our egos at the door of this community has proven to be the ticket to opening countless doors of possibility for us all.
It’s about raising the bar not only for our work with dogs, but for our industry and world – replacing the common industry “egosystem” with a functional professional “ecosystem” in which we all have a part to play in the big picture of making a difference. The FDM Licensure program has truly exemplified the concept of reciprocity, as those who have endeavored to be the most actively involved experience the greatest benefits for their own goals. Indeed, “a rising tide lifts all boats”.
Licensure is the platform from which the many leaders and change-makers among us can be discovered, recognized, engaged, and empowered with individual and collaborative career opportunities where their unique voices will be heard – not only by the public, but by the pet industry and greater society as well.

Such opportunities include things like:

Powerful networking

Incredible things happen when pros set their egos aside for the greater good. Monthly All Licensed Members Meetings and Division Meetings with other members in your specific focused divisions connect you intimately with other professionals, exponentially expanding your ability to collaborate and access new opportunities both inside and outside of the FDM community.

Public speaking as industry educators

Breaking the traditional barriers to presenting at conferences or providing education to other professionals, we have created a ground breaking conference model featuring the undiscovered LFDM talent in our industry – L.E.G.S. in Motion.

Featured “LFDM of the Month”

-It’s like free advertising to a wider audience for you as we brag about the great things our LFDMs are doing out in the world! Share your latest L.E.G.S.-y accomplishments such as new publications, new webinars, new course offerings, new podcast features, new programs implemented, new businesses/programs/services launching, new events organized, new partnerships, etc.

Leadership opportunities

in various roles such as Division Heads, group and team project leads, event coordination, event booth representation (includes free event tickets and travel expenses paid), creative content creation, social media administrators/moderators, and more.
Additional exclusive LFDM benefits are explained under “LFDM Benefits” section