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Jonathan Young

Lake St Louis, MO

Hello, I'm Jonathan, a dedicated dog trainer with a passion for canine behavior and training since 2010. I embarked on a comprehensive two-year hands-on training course that encompassed dog behavior, handling, and training, setting the foundation for my journey. Over the years, I have earned various titles, including mentor, instructor, trainer, evaluator, and now mediator.

To stay at the forefront of the industry, I continually update my knowledge and skills, adapting to new information and studies. Pet CPR and First Aid certified through the frontline coalition, I prioritize the safety and well-being of every furry companion.

I take immense pride in assisting pet parents to help their dogs build confidence and become the best versions of themselves. My services encompass group classes in partnership with pet salons, personalized one-on-one sessions at various locations, boot camp board and train, AKC and CGC testing, and specialized work with service dog training. Recently, I completed the Aggression in Dogs Master Course, and I plan to incorporate working with aggression cases to provide comprehensive and compassionate support.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator