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Andrea Dinan

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Toronto, CA

Andrea has combined her love of teaching and of dogs to create a Toronto-based training company called City Dogs and a collaborative company for both dog guardians and canine professionals called EduCanine. Andrea's main goals through in-person and online training is to increase the bond between humans and their dogs, help dogs reach their full potential by looking at all aspects of a dog's life or their L.E.G.S. and to make training fun for those on both ends of the leash.

Andrea co-created The Rescue Plan program through EduCanine, which is offered through many rescue organizations to help dogs acclimate to their foster or adoptive home. Andrea works with many anxious and fearful dogs on a one-to-one basis and through specialized classes, she helps prepare therapy dogs for their testing and certification, and also loves to teach agility and dog parkour.

Andrea Dinan: CPDT-KA, FFCT, KAD, LFDM-T

You can learn more and reach out to Andrea at and

Licensed Family Dog Mediator