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Ann Gunderson

Ann Gunderson Web Pic
British Columbia, Canada

Ann has been an educator of humans and canines since 1988. As a
primary teacher and experienced dog sport competitor and coach, Ann
has a good understanding of the dog and human team. As the first
certified Nose Work Instructor in Canada in 2011, Ann has spent years
observing the instinctual behavior of dogs working scent in a sport where
the canine takes the lead. Because of her love for understanding dogs,
Ann was very excited to learn about the L.E.G.S.® model (Learning,
Environment, Genetics and Self), of Family Dog Mediation®, because it
helped to fill in the missing pieces for individual dogs and how
understanding the whole picture affects dog training. By using this
integrated and scientific approach, Ann can help you create solutions that
are good for your dog and your whole family.
Ann currently resides in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada and offers
private Family Dog Mediation® sessions and Nose Work Classes.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator