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Brittni Heywood

DBP_8281_0126 - Edited

Born and raised on an Idaho farm, dogs have been right beside me since I was first learning to walk. I’ve known I wanted to do something with dogs since we got our first “big” dog that was allowed inside. The endless love and compassion dogs give us impacted my life more than anything else.

I also help the humans understand the way the dog moves, looking for pain points and other details using my certified professional canine fitness training and my education from being a licensed family dog mediator. There’s so much to the bond and connection between the human and dogs we have in our lives.

The happiest home is one with a healthy, fit, happy wagging tail, with dogs needs being met and a caring owner that knows the best way to communicate with their dog and keep that dog fit, healthy — and out of rescues and shelters. My mission is to help more humans and dogs learn the best ways to understand each other.

Helping people through their dogs and dogs through their people!

Licensed Family Dog Mediator