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Debbie Sheridan

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West Hartford, Connecticut
(806) 543-1396

Debbie Sheridan began her career with a degree in Sociology inspired by a fascination with the incredible Jane Goodall! Instead of an exciting trip to the bush, Debbie counseled human adolescents and then went on to help adults with substance dependency.

When she brought home two malnourished and fearful littermates from a shelter in Vermont finding that they were not what she had expected, she knew that it was time to give up the book club books and dive into learning all that she could to help these amazing creatures in an ethical and humane way.

Today Debbie is a proud licensed Family Dog Mediator, finding her place with like minded humans who want to change the world for our 4 legged loved ones, helping them to be heard and understood.

She is an administrator in Annie Phenix’s Midnight Dog Walker Facebook group. The book was awesome and quite relatable in reference to her dear Fitzy.

Debbie is a Pet Professional Guild member, sitting on the Advocacy and the Inclusivity committees.

She thoroughly enjoyed completing her certificate in Applied Animal Behavior at University of Washington.

Debbie is an end of life doula for companion animals through University of Vermont and has completed Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs Master Course.

She recently became a certified dog bite prevention educator with Dognostics and vows to never stop learning!

She works primarily with fearful and anxious dogs, some in court situations who need extra understanding.

Debbie volunteers with an area rescue and delivers goodies to veterinarians when she’s not visiting clients or hanging with her own family which include 2 rescues, Sally and Fitzy.

You can find her at her Debbie’s 4 Dogs website or Facebook page, where she promotes kindness always for the win.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator