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Dorothy Slaton

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(541) 714-5830

Dorothy “Dodie” Slaton owns Pawesome Pet Services in Oregon and offers in-person and online
services for people who want to focus on their dogs’ overall wellness and training. Her passion
for dog training grew during an Enrichment and Training Internship at a local shelter where she
saw numerous dogs relinquished for behavioral issues stemming from the dogs’ needs not
being met. Being a L.E.G.S. Family Dog Mediator helped her fill in the gaps that she believed
were missing and gave her the information she needed to help pets stay in homes.
Dodie is a Licensed Family Dog Mediator in the Training Division and is a Certified Professional
Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed through the nationally recognized Certification Council for
Professional Dog Trainers. She also holds a Master’s in Education Degree in Curriculum and
Instruction, focusing on Online Teaching and Learning.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator