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Heather Bowden

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Norfolk Virginia

Heather Bowden is the Owner and Lead Trainer at Pawsitive Training Service Dog Solutions. Twice lauded as the best Dog Training Service in Norfolk Virginia since her opening in 2021, her company leads the Tidewater Region in progressive dog training techniques as the premier Service Dog Training studio specializing in Positive Reinforcement and Behavioral Modification. Additionally, she has revolutionized the dog training industry throughout Southern Virginia and beyond through her scientific based Bond, Regulate, Inter-Connected or BRIC techniques. Her program uses a multifaceted range of disciplines, neuroscience, psychology, ethology, philosophy, biology, and sociology to build on an array of empirical and theoretical methods for the advancement of our understanding of both the animal handler and animal’s identity and sense of belonging.

Heather graduated from the Karen Pryor Professional Program in 2020. This program is lauded as an intensive data driven, science based academic program for professional animal training. Her scholarly achievements include mastering the history of animal training, learning theory, husbandry, behavior modification, applied behavioral analysis, fear free, least intrusive, minimally aversive canine, and other species methodologies. The certification process involved a multi-faceted approach to include building training plans, writing assignments and demonstrating the ability to teach both people and animals. Heather excelled academically and graduated with distinction. In 2023, Heather Bowden became the regions only Family Dog Mediator when she completed the Family Dog Mediation Professional Course. Upon graduation she was accepted as a family dog mediator in both the training and working dog divisions. Heather continues to pursue education in all aspects of her life and is currently working through the Aggression in Dogs course and is working through The Mindsight Approach to Well-Being: A Comprehensive Course in Interpersonal Biology at the Mindsight institute.

Heather was propelled into the spotlight as the regions number one dog trainer and most sought-after service dog trainer in the region. She has clients throughout the United States who seek out her services.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator