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Jana Milne

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Newburgh, Fife, Scotland, UK

My journey to training and love for dogs didn’t originate from growing up with animals nor “issues” with my own dog. Well to some degree. I started learning more about dogs after I got my first superhero Lab x GSD in 2011 and then decided to change my career to spend more time with him. We started a dog walking business together in 2015, where I learned very quickly that dogs are hugely misunderstood and they (and their guardians) can do with little more support to thrive together. I Gained my first and vast knowledge about training at Victoria Stilwell Academy in 2018 and was falling down the rabbit hole ever since. Our dog walking expanded into Training and behaviour consultation.

My special interest now is in physiology of our canine. And the reason is my boy as he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at the age of 3 and further down the line with arthritis in most joints he owned. I wanted to know and do everything in my power to help him to continue to be the happy and laid-back boy he was. Canine conditioning, exercise for seniors and pain & behaviour are my main passions, gaining my accreditation as a Canine Professional Fitness Trainer in 2022 and most likely that does not end there.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator