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Jodie Fitzgerald

Manitoba, Canada

Jodie Fitzgerald LFDM-T is a Licensed Family Dog Mediator, Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor and Owner of Fitz Your Dog Training in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada. She has been dedicated to the care of humans, with 24 years experience as a Registered Nurse, and now has been working with dogs and their owners and caregivers for 10 years. Caring for humans and animals is a part of her heart and soul. Jodie has several years experience caring for the most difficult dogs that came into border collie rescue. This includes experience with fear, aggression, separation anxiety and all sorts of issues that can arise with these highly intelligent dogs when they have been neglected or mistreated. Jodie has 10 years experience caring for boarding dogs in both a kennel and a home facility and she owns four rescue dogs who are able to continually add to her knowledge and experience daily. She has titled her dogs in CARO Rally Obedience, Tricks, & Agility and she has taught fun rally and fun agility classes.
Jodie is committed to educating the public and providing all positive and force free interactions, with each dog's unique Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self assessed and prioritized so we can understand and learn how we can help their dog successfully and confidently navigate life utilizing the L.E.G.S. model.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator