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Justine Schuurmans (Kids Division Head)

(+1) 973 910 0364


I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Licensed Family Dog Mediator and Head of the Parents, Kids & Dogs Division of the FDM Education Center.

As a trainer for nearly 20 years (with 2 kids and 2 dogs, myself), I soon realized that raising children and dogs together is NO joke! So, since 2009, I have worked exclusively with young families to help them minimize the chaos, and create HAPPY and SAFE lives, for them and their dog.

In a nutshell, ONLY training the dog just isn’t enough.

Parents and children need a whole different kind of support. And simply by making small changes to they way a family sees their dog, they can make living together more fun, much easier, and WAY more successful for everyone.

I offer in-person sessions, virtual consults, and an online ‘fun-yet-realistic’ family training program - which has helped thousands of families worldwide navigate this exciting (if sometimes challenging!) new adventure.


If you’re a trainer that loves the idea of working in the Family Dog field, please reach out. I have turn-key programs for professionals to work with families in your community.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator