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Katlyn Grayson

Grayson Web Pic
Springfield, VA

Katlyn Grayson, CPDT-KA, LFDM-S, LFDM-T and has been in animal sheltering in the U.S. for over a decade. Having experience in many different roles, she found her niche working in animal behavior. She currently works at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington as a training and behavior associate. She is the lead for cat behavior, but also maintains active dog cases. She and her team provide group classes and private classes when their caseload permits. She also creates visual, written and recorded resources for the public to use from their website. Katlyn has seen first hand the value and benefits of understanding an animal's LEGS as well as a person's LEGS when providing behavior consultations or adoption counseling. LEGS has also been a crucial element in multiple cases in a shelter setting which has resulted in better understanding of the individual animal for both the staff and the public.
Katlyn currently shares her home with five cats and a French Bulldog named Chip who is her sidekick, training assistant and adventure buddy. She raised Chip with his LEGS in mind, which allowed their relationship to be built on a foundation of trust and enabling a deeper bond between the two.


Licensed Family Dog Mediator