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Marjan Baas

The Netherlands

My name is Marjan Baas-Huisman and I am a Certified Professional Canine Instructor,
Licensed Family Dog Mediator-K and the owner of The Art of Dog Training-NL, an exclusive
dog school in The Netherlands.

After living abroad for 15 years, we returned to the Netherlands in 2010 and I decided to
make a long-cherished dream come true and started my career in the canine world. While
teaching my classes, I noticed that nowadays there is a big change in and little understanding
of how children should interact with dogs, with all the associated risks and negative
consequences for many dogs.

That is why I started training with The Family Dog U.S.A. a few years ago to make families
more aware of the fact that a dog is not a toy and I do that during private family
consultations. I think it is fantastic to see how quickly children understand what I explain and
how quickly the dynamics in a family with the dog change positively!

I am the proud mum of 2 grown up children and the mum of a now 7 year old beautiful
blond Labrador boy. It is rather unusual to have only one dog in the family right now as we
have had many dogs and a lot of parrots. But for now, having so many dogs around during
my work, Bram is the only dog that can indulge in our dog-love at home.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator