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Marra Mensink

Marra Mensink Web Pic
The Netherlands

My name is Marra Mensink and with Pepijn I live in the middle of the Netherlands. Having been a teacher and teacher educator for almost 20 years I decided to combine those skills with one of my greatest passion; dogs. Wolfhalla was established with a clear focus on natural behavior with a force-free approach.

As a young girl I learned how beautiful and emotionally complex dogs are through my first dog Kyra (Labrador). Via my current oldest (13) dog Sera (Duck Toller) I learned more about positive and negative effects of 'the right training' and because of my wolfdog Sarai (2) I learned the importance of the "why" in dogtraining.

I am practical, clear and concrete and because of my journey I realised I could help others with a modern, force-free, scientific and positive approach. As a Licensed Family Dog Mediator I now create positive experiences for dogs throughout the Netherlands through our "Snuffelbos" (Sniffing Woods), scent work and guidance when families are facing difficulties.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator