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Meghan Lytton

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Lincoln, MA

Meghan Lytton, CPDT-KA, LFDM-T

I greatly enjoy helping new dog parents share their life and home with their new dog or puppy. My focus always begins in the home and around the routines we develop with our dogs. Typical issues I work to address with my clients are:

- Reactivity towards other dogs and/or strangers
- Over excitement in the home resulting in barking, jumping and/or destructive behaviors
- Discomfort being left alone at home
- Guarding of food, possessions, spaces and/or people
- Aggression between dogs living in the same household.

I work with the goal of first helping my clients better understand their dog, so that they can adjust their dog's environment and routine to better support their pet. Once the dog is better adjusted to their home and routine, we work with specific behavioral and training exercises to address any remaining issues.

I came into the world of dog training and behavioral work through the world of dog sledding. I hold a love and awe of dogs in their natural world and try to help clients find ways to allow their dogs to engage in natural behaviors (running! digging! sniffing! playing! exploring!) that work for everyone!


Licensed Family Dog Mediator