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Natalie Widomski

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After 30 years of working in the medial field l was ready to pursue my passion to work with
dogs and teach guardians how to have a strong human animal bond and fun with their dogs. I
am a graduate of the Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Training and Behavior, an AKC CGC
evaluator and a former Pet Partners Pet Therapy Evaluator. I am a member of the PPG, IAABC
and APDT. I strive to continue my education by attending both in person and live online

My Niche is puppies and adolescent. As a private in-home trainer, I have the unique
opportunity to understand what owners struggle with and how their dogs learn and cope in
their environment. Many of my clients are elderly people who require an easy and doable
program to work with their young dogs. My focus is on basic manners that become Life skills;
educating and equipping owners with life hacks, tools, education and a better understanding of
their breed is what drives me to continue my education and evolve in our industry.

My mission is to reduce the number of young dogs who are being surrendered because their
owner can’t handle nor understand the normal canine behavior they exhibit. Becoming a
Licensed Family Dog Mediator-Training will add valve and expertise rooted in ethology,
scientific evidence-based training and a deep love for dogs for my clients.

My husband I have three amazing dogs, one being a registered pet therapy animal that visits
with the Autistic community, is a reading educational assistance dog (R.E.A.D.) and supports the
local police department with visits to sooth stress and bring smiles to our officers.
The righteous care for the needs of their animals

Proverbs 12:10

Licensed Family Dog Mediator