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Pamela Cleary

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Bowen Island, B.C., CA

Pamela Cleary CPDT-KA, LFDM-T
I have been fascinated by dogs and dog behavior all my life, starting with our family dog as a small
child, buying my first purebred at 13 years old, working with my dogs, the neighbor's dogs and friend’s
dogs until in 2001 I hung out my shingle as a professional dog trainer. I’ve seen many changes in
training techniques and increases in our understanding of our canine companions over the years!
Continuing to learn and explore the new discoveries is a passion.
More and more I find myself being a ‘non-trainer’. I spend a great deal less time on obedience cues and
a great deal more time looking at the dog in front of me, finding ways to meet everyone’s needs while
honoring the individuals involved, whatever their species. I feel a long sit-stay cue is a good thing, but
I’m more concerned that the dog is confident and calm and having his needs met within the
environment he is living in.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator