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Rebecca Goldstone

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San Jose, CA 95125

Hello, I’m Rebecca Goldstone.

I’ve been helping people and their dogs over 20 years. As the owner of Willow Glen Paws I am dedicated to helping people achieve their dream of what a dog and human relationship can be. First, we must understand our dog. Who they are and why they behave the way they do. The L.E.G.S. model gives us the most complete understanding of our dog to date and the world as they perceive it. If you are struggling with your dog’s behavior, you want to learn more about your new furry friend, or you just brought home a puppy, I can help you strengthen your relationship. Together we can unravel the mysteries in your dog’s mind and help them learn the skills they need to live and cope in our human world. No dog is too old to learn new tricks. That goes for their human too.

As a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant I stay busy taking care of client’s dogs as well as their people. I am a lifelong learner leaning into scientific research and training methods that make sense and take into account the welfare of the dog as well as their human. Please contact me for more information.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator