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Sally Sharp

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London Colney, UK
0 (780)-373-0171

I live in London Colney with my husband, 2 dogs, and 2 teenage daughters.
Skye is a Mastiff cross / American Bulldog is 10 and a half and we got her
as a puppy.  My children were very small at the time, and she was a bit
crazy to say the least!  I really wanted a well-behaved dog and began my
quest to get her trained … the first trainer I ever visited told me to yank her,
roll her and throw water at her and told me she would end up in the RSPCA
because of how she behaved !!! At this point, I knew I needed help, but
there was no way on this earth I was ever going to give up on her. I then
went to numerous different trainers some of which were helpful; others
really didn’t help at all. I started to research, and do lots of reading and
thought I am just going to learn how to do it myself … so my journey began
with lots of reading, seminars and qualifying with the Institute of Modern
Dog Trainers. Since this my learning has never stopped with continuous
webinars and courses.
In addition to this, I have fostered dogs for rescue centers and volunteered
at Glendee Rescue and National Animal Welfare Trust.
I have adopted Kita from The National Animal Welfare Trust, she is now a
3-year old Rottweiler. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with Hip and Elbow
Dysplasia at a young age, we monitor this regularly. We really enjoy doing
scent work together, and she is turning into a great little sniffer dog.
I love getting children involved in dog training, it is a great way for them to
have a fantastic relationship with their four-legged friends.  My own children
love getting Skye and Kita to do some tricks.
My business is called Training Tails which I set up in 2016 initially with a
colleague and now on my own. I run classes for all ages and offer 121
support at home.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator