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Shelly Korobanik

Shelly website pic
Vernon, B.C., CA

Shelly is an experienced and certified personal trainer, as well as professional dog trainer who uses games-based concept training to inspire her clients and their dogs to not only learn but have fun doing it. Her business, Pooch Partners, originally started in 2011 offering outdoor fitness classes for people and their canine companions to help reduce pet obesity. Since then, as a life-time learner she has obtained a Diploma in Animal Behavior Science and Technology, along with numerous certifications including Treat/Retreat Instructor, Separation Anxiety Pro, Canine Fitness Conditioning coach, Trick Dog, Stunt Dog and Animal Actor training and evaluator. She is a licensed Bodywork and Energywork practitioner for pets, and most recently became a Licensed Family Dog Mediator professional in the Working Division.

She shares her home with her two Siberian huskies Suka and Sila, with whom she enjoys numerous mushing activities (canicross, skijoring, scootering, sledding), tracking, nose work, weight pulling, agility for fun, and more. They have achieved a variety of championships including Grand Championships in Trick Dog, Stunt Dog, and Canine Fitness Conditioning. Shelly loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with her clients and their canines to help them achieve a healthier, happier and stronger relationship! You can learn more about Pooch Partners services at and can reach Shelly by email to: or via private message on the Pooch Partners Facebook page

Licensed Family Dog Mediator