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Sonia Fetherling

Chicago, IL

Sonia is the proud owner of Best of Behavior in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.

A great part of her work is helping dogs with a wide range of difficult behavioral challenges including aggression, fear, trauma, separation anxiety and more. These clients are who she learns the most from!

She also offers private in-home training, day training, Puppy Start Right classes and cat behavior consults!

Sonia began her professional training journey in 2000 after adopting an adolescent Black and Tan Coonhound and Bluetick Hound mix, she named Ellie-Mae in 1999.

She has shared her adult life with various breeds including a Border Collie and a Tibetan Mastiff, and has enjoyed different activities with her dogs including agility, tracking, and Rally O.

She has steadily continued to learn by reading books, obtaining accreditations, attending seminars, workshops, lectures, webinars, attending expos, and proudly becoming a LFDM-T after doing the LEGS Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Course live at Wolf Park with Kim Brophey in 2021.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator