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Terra Ruiz 

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Sacramento, CA

Terra Ruiz is the visionary founder of Paws N’ Play, ( Sacramento’s first indoor canine community center, dedicated to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners in the Sacramento area. With a career that began in 2012, Terra specializes in addressing anxiety and “stranger danger” in dogs, employing compassionate, conflict-free training methods.

Paws N’ Play is more than just a pet care facility; it’s a vibrant community hub. The center features a rentable enrichment area designed to engage dogs in various stimulating activities, self-service dog wash stations, and a selection of unique, high-quality treats unavailable in other local stores. Membership benefits include regular access to the enrichment center and monthly consultations with Terra, where members can discuss everything from nutrition and training to behavior management, tailored to their dogs’ specific needs.

Furthermore, Terra’s commitment to the broader pet dog community extends to other pet professionals. Paws N’ Play welcomes trainers and pet business owners, providing a safe space for collaboration, client meetings, and mutual support. This fosters a non-competitive, team-oriented environment that enriches the local pet industry.

As a staunch ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, Terra ensures that Paws N’ Play is an inclusive, welcoming place for all. The center is dedicated to supporting every member of the community, celebrating diversity, and promoting a harmonious environment for dogs and their families.

Visit Paws N’ Play to experience Terra’s holistic approach to dog care, where every visit nurtures both the dogs and their human companions, strengthening the bond within the local dog community.

Licensed Family Dog Mediator